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In 1976, the archaeologists Gilles SERAPHIN, Daniel FRUGIER and Michel EGRETAUD found a very important archaeological furniture in an-under-broken-vault lower chamber that was used as a dump yard in the 16th and 17th centuries, situated in the Barbican far from the dwelling but close to the area. This discovery, associated with the findings of a large number of graffiti inside the walls of the Big Tower, made few years before by the same archaeologists, is here to remind us that Bonaguil was for sure a lively place, unlike what was believed to be “a useless castle”. The stratigraphy of the junkyard unearthed commune clay potteries to drink and eat or for the credence, some remains of wine glasses of a rare finesse, some stoves, glass elements, knives with an amazing one among them: horn handle with a lady portrait at the tip, there were keys, an ointment jar and food scraps, and more… And even an element of a dinette set which remind us that in Bonaguil, kids were there too.

To this archaeological furniture, visible a long time ago, were added some elements found in our stocks. Some analyses are still to be made. Nonetheless, we decided to expose them to the public starting 2013. Among these can be found a very rustic but very intriguing spout-lip-limestone-mortar, a fire clay cheese colander (?) and some coins, not made with right alloy as it seems to be poor alloy (under the regency of Henri II, there was a monetary crisis).